Quality to your life

Quality to your life

Made in Finland

As a Finnish manufacturer we offer product lines that are available for long after the initial product launches. This ensures availability of our products for future expansion of existing YH-bookshelf combinations.


We use the highest quality materials in the production of our products. The surface materials are genuine beach or oak veneer.


We deliver our products quickly and according to the delivery schedules agreed with customers.
You can use our easy-to-use bookshelf combination programme to design your own bookshelf combination. Astro and Lord products are currently available in the programme.


The company has a long established reputation for excellent aftercare.  We guarantee the quality of our products now and in the future.


We manufacture high quality bookshelves as well as other ranges of home furniture.


Combination bookshelves manufactured in Finland designed to withstand everyday life. Strong bookshelves that hold the weight of heavy books without any impact on the bookshelf structure.


High quality bookshelves are timeless and elegant. The beautiful design of Lord presents itself in the numerous details in the bookshelf.

Take good care of your furniture.

Good care of purchased furniture ensures long-lasting preservation of value.